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Hebrew Calligraphy II, 8 wks.

Tuesday, May 28- July 16,2024

Mornings 10-11 a.m. EST

You've learned the basic Alphabet and now let's put it to use.  We will design and execute Hebrew Compositions and explore additional Hebrew fonts, including how to analyze and use them. We'll work with a traditional palette and learn some foundational color use and mixing. 

You will receive the Zoom link in advance of the first class.

Class: Hebrew Calligraphy II, Morning Class

  • A pad of Vellum Bristol (14 x 17) will take you a long way. SoHo Urban Artist 100 lb Bristol Paper Pad 14x17" (20-Sheets) or any other Bristol Pad. You can call a project on this paper a final project. However, try Canson, Strathmore, d'Arches, Rives BFK, or whatever you like to use. I use either Hot Press or Cold Press. Hot Press gives cleaner sharper lines and Cold Press gives more ragged edges. Watercolor for underpainting works better on Cold Press. If you can go to a local art supply store (always a fun trip), they will usually have small samples that you can try out in the store before buying. 

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