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 Ketubah Gallery
A&A Ketubah lo - Copy.JPG

Bird of Paradise with Orange Calligraphy over Blue-Green Water


Structured border, structured text, White Lillies

ketEng 001.JPG

Orange Calla Lilies, elegant and strong, flank the text. From Orange to Green and Green to Orange, the text flows through colors as well.

weiner-chernekoff ketubah.JPG

Gladiolas, Shaped border, decorative edging, and four tiny corners with symbols of the couple's life.


This Peacock was painted very quickly...after several days of practice and research.

Text fits around the bird.


Roses form the points of a Jewish Star with a craggy mountain forming the top point.

Birch woods, and portraits of the Bride and Groom.


Jewish Star, Night and Day, and "Yin/Yang"

combine for the center element.

Doves of Peace fill the left and right spaces.

Text fits around the large element in the center. 

Weiner-Sand Finished Document.jpg

Where did you get engaged?

The Grand Canyon you say?

A perfect background for your Ketubah

Collins Horton Ketubah.jpg

Pomegranates and Monarch Butterflies surround the text on a night sky.

The Moon is in the correct phase

for the date of the wedding.


Reading Terminal Border with Honey Bears,

Sacks that say "Ani Dodi V'Dodi Li",

Bowls, Strings of bare industrial lights

and the Bride and Groom's names in neon.

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