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Estimating your cost

E-MAIL OR CALL with your project description for a custom quote

Minimum charge $40

Your calligraphy project is unique.  Each project is individually priced.

Some elements of the price are predetermined.

Describe your job as clearly as possible and you will receive a detailed estimate usually between 1-14 business days. If you need your estimate quickly, please let me know. I sometimes am so busy with deadlines I put this off. 

Pricing changes as the specs for the job change.

All elements of the project are negotiable and will affect the price. 

Envelope Addressing $2.00/line

Table Cards $2.00 each with name and numeral on the same side

Provide a minimum of 10% additional envelopes or cards

Additional charges apply for custom color, metallic ink, less than 10% extras provided, difficult surfaces, etc. 

BASE PRICE: Number of Words X $2.00/word

Count up the number of words. Don't worry about whether they are long or short.

If you have a Word Document, you can do this by clicking Tools. Then click Words.


Several of these categories might apply to a single project.


Critical Spacing

Only one chance to get it right such as adding text to an old family Bible

Oversized (over 1" x-height) or undersized (under 1/8") lettering

Unknown or difficult surface with nowhere to test it

Written in a language with words of above average length. German for example.

Metallic Ink

Gold Leaf

Custom color mix

Multiple pen changes



My default paper is d'Arches 140 lb. Watercolor Paper.  If you request a different paper or provide your own, I will always need additional material for testing.
140 lb. d'Arches 22 x 30"
$12 sheet ,$7 half sheet, $4 quarter sheet
300 lb. d'Arches 22 x 30"
$30/sheet, $15/sheet, $7.50/sheet
Logo    Priced in conversation with $250 minimum
Borders, Ornamental Capitals and Illustrations Individually priced based on complexity and amount
Decorative Capital beginning at $30
Intrinsically complicated, Colored, Extra Flourished, Drop Shadow
Ornamental Capitals beginning at $40
Boxed, Painted or Illustrated
Custom Color Mix may add up to $20
Signature Lines: Up to 50 lines $30, Up to 250 lines $45
Watercolor priced in conversation
Document Board   
Holds your finished document with ribboned corners in a matboard folder for safety in handling and confidence in presentation
Up to 14 x 18"  $45      
Up to 20 x 30" $60      
Up to 32 x 40" $75
On location $200/hour
Travel time $35/hour plus gas
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