The Basics of Hebrew Calligraphy. (Instructions given in English)

Tuesday Evenings beginning April 27

See supply list below, supplies not included.

Be sure to include the "Basics of Hebrew Callipraphy"  digital download in your order. $18.00 This is the required text for the class.


You will receive the Zoom link in advance of the first class.

CLASS:EVENINGS: Basics of Hebrew Calligraphy: Tues. 7-8 p.m. EST

  • Basics of Hebrew Calligraphy Supply List

    Purchase at John Neal Books


    OPTION 1

    $2.51  (N09)                Speedball C-0 Nib

    $1.76  (H69)                Speedball Nib Holder

    $5.95  (I70)                 Moon Palace Sumi Ink 2 oz. Jar


    OPTION 2

    $10.00 (FP67)             Pilot Parallel Pen 6 mm

    $2.50   (FP69)             Pilot 6 pack Black Cartridges


    $3.95   (FP70)             Pilot 12 pack Assorted Colors



    $9.15  (S362)              (Optional) Long Pen/Brush Rollup



    Staples Premium Bright White Inkjet & Laser Paper



    Paper Towels

    Jar for rinsing nibs

    Pencil & Eraser (Staedtler-Mars White Plastic Eraser)


    Apron or wear old clothes!! You will get ink on you. No, it won’t come out in the wash.

  • "Basics of Hebrew Calligraphy" Digital Download