Worksheet for estimating your costs

Want Help?  There's a lot to consider. Contact me for an in-depth conversation.

Minimum Charge $25
Number of Words X $1.75 per word.....$

Count up the number of words. Don't worry about whether they are long or short.

If you have a Word Document, you can do this by clicking Tools. Then click Words.

Envelope Addressing..... $1.50 per Line
Table Cards..... name and numeral on the same side.....$2.00 each

Charges for Envelope Addressing and Table Cards are different from all other prices. However, additional charges apply for custom color, metallic ink, less than 10% extras provided, difficult surfaces, etc. 

Paper $12/sheet     $7/half sheet    $4 quarter sheet

My default paper is d'Arches 140 lb. Hot Press Watercolor Paper. You may request a different paper or provide your own. I will always need an additional sheet of this paper to test.


Design $150 minimum. Recreate on a document $50 minimum

Borders, Ornamental Capitals and Illustrations Individually priced based on complexity and amount 
Decorative Capital beginning at $25

Intrinsically complicated, Colored, Extra Flourished, Drop Shadow

Ornamental Capitals beginning at $35

Boxed, Painted or Illustrated

Metallic Inks double text charge
Custom Color Mix may add up to $20
Letters over 1" x-height or under 1/16" x-height doubles the text charge

x-height is the size of a lower case letter with no ascenders or descenders

Signature Lines: Up to 50 $30, Up to 250 $45
Critical Lettering doubles your charge

Sometimes your text must fit into a very specific size or shape, or you've brought me a one-of-a-kind item to letter upon. This requires extra effort and care.


If your project will have extensive Watercolor underneath it, I will need to stretch the paper ($20 for a full sheet $10 for a half sheet). Estimate your art costs at $1.75/square inch for underpaintings. This may vary depending on the difficulty. 

Document Board     
Up to 14 x 18"  $35     
Up to 20 x 30" $50     
Up to 32 x 40" $65

Holds your finished document with ribboned corners in a matboard folder for safety in handling and confidence in presentation

On Location  $100/hour

I'll come to your event location and letter live. Travel time for non-local events included in total